Bring distance with you and run your best race!

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on 10 MAY 2016, 10:30AM
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If you want to run your best race, you must manage to bring the distance together (speed and distance)!
The most of the runners are used to separate their training.
Thus, they have distance training and speed training.

Just like the couple in divorcing, when both of them are friend of you thus, speed and distance are faced better when they are separately.
However, they are some unavoidably moments, where the couple come together just like in marriage, graduations and of course the day of the race.
To be competitive, you have to mix those two different trainings, even though they have their own characteristics.
The distance training offer aerobic benefits, increase of blood quantity, increase of capillary cells, increase of the numbers and the shape of mitochondrion and more development of muscle fibre structure of weak contraction.
By running with a beat of 60-80% of MHR (Maximum Heart Rate), the capability of glycogen storage gets better (in order not to ‘stagnate’ during the next marathon) and then fat is used as energy source ( we keep our weight low).

When you go through 80% of the MHR, then this is speed training.
Accept this in order to improve yourself as a runner.
As far as you increase the distance, you will meet the anaerobic threshold at 80 – 87% of MHR.
By working in these zones, muscle fibres of both strong and weak contraction are developed, the heart volume is increased as well as the extrusion volume and the VO2max.
The training at the threshold, tempo, interval training and training to the marathon rhythm, allowed you to run faster, easier because you produce less Lactic acid.
When you train 87-95% of the MHR, in interval from 800 to 3000 meters, you also improve your aerobic capability.

This training improves the cardiac capability of extrusion, the creation of muscle fibres of strong contraction and all neuromuscular dexterity.
The highest speed that runners succeed, is the development of anaerobic capability, short (200-800 meters), intense (95-100 of MHR) reps.
How cooperate distance and speed and get advantage from that?
You must bring them in touch long before the race.

1. During the week
For rehab of training benefits, follow speed training for 2-3 days with slow non stop running.

2. During the same day
Do a speed training early in the morning.
Then run slow and nonstop for 30-40’ the afternoon.
This will help you to avoid any ‘muscle pulls’ and of course to be added as basic training.

3. At the same training
Depending on this training, the distance of a low nonstop running may be the 50% of the whole training.
Thus, if you train for a marathon, the ideal hybrid is the fatigue interval.
Start with a 50 – 60 min of aerobic running and by next repeat this in 5-7 km in a 10km beat.
You start the reps with fatigue, this trains you to run faster with tired feet.

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