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we run AND party
as a team

Do not miss the fun.We will have lots of parallel events going on, such as music and dance groups, bands and many more.

Register now for the PrimeTel 5Km Corporate Race

17th March 2018 - Registrations will open on the 8th of January 2018

  • General Information

    Team Registration fee: €300
    With the registration of your team you are allowed up to 40 runners.
    If you would like to add more runners, then the admission price is 5 EURO per runner.

    *All runners receive BIB Number, Medal, Personal Time and Certificate of Participation.

    Day of Event: 17th March 2018
    Start Time: 09:00am
    Restriction of age: minimum age 12 years old - Parent or Guardian signature required
    Start: Molos, Limassol
    Finish: Molos, Limassol

    For the assignment of personal numbers (bibs) and for merchandise please contact the D.M.C.-S.A.S.EVENT LTD office.
    Distribution takes place on Thursday the 15th of March and will end on Friday the 16th of March at Cyprus Port Authority parking, Molos, Limassol.
    Office hours as follows:
    Friday - Saturday 09.00 – 18.00 hrs

  • Age Categories

    Group 12-17
    Group 18-29
    Group 30-39
    Group 40-49
    Group 50-59
    Group 60+

  • #runlimassol

Description of Course

This particular event is part of the OPAP Limassol Marathon GSO Races since 2011. We are extremely happy and satisfied by the magnitude of its success. In 2017, 210 companies from all over Cyprus with 10.000 runners came to join the race and as they themselves told us afterwards, they had the time of their lives! This is the kind of experience we want to offer to our runners.

The only Corporate Team Race on the Island, this 5K is a giant morale booster and and a great opportunity for an enjoyable day out for employees of all companies.

It will blast off with much media and press coverage. If you have never participated in a road race before, use this as an opportunity to kick-start your fitness routine. The training process and participation will help improve your health, which is part of our mission.D.M.C.-S.A.S.EVENT LTD is on a campaign to challenge those who have never considered running in a race before to consider doing so.

Company Benefits

On the 17th of March 2018, the PrimeTel 5Km Corporate Race is the place to be for companies throughout Cyprus. Firms that participate can definitely undergo major changes in employee morale and attitudes toward fitness and health.

Use the power of running and fitness to change and improve your corporate culture, employee morale, employee loyalty, employee health/fitness, and attendance. This race is an ideal team building opportunity.

It sounds unreal but it is true: Many employees are already looking forward to this happening. The pride of the company can take on new meaning when employees participate as a group. This race is a celebration of running and fitness, and a unique opportunity for a company outing. Do take advantage of it to work on employee bonding.

Companies can run wearing their company t-shirts (with company logo), which is a great investment in terms of publicity.

Join the fun. Enjoy the race. Celebrate fitness!

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Register now for the PrimeTel 5Km Corporate Race

17th March 2018 - Registrations will open on the 8th of January 2018