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By Limassol Marathon on 1 march 2016
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The institutionalized and successful Limassol Marathon GSO,that will take place for 10th consecutive year on Sunday the April 10th, has a powerful sponsor this year, the OPAP Cyprus and changes its name to OPAP Limassol Marathon GSO.

By on 1 march 2016
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The finding of the ideal surcharge concerning the intensity, the length, the frequency and the density of various training methods and the amelioration or the maintenance...

By Limassol Marathon on 1 march 2016
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Good nutrition plays a key role in achieving your personal exercising goals. Having a well-balanced diet is vital to ensure sufficient energy while exercising or competing to help with your training and recovery.

By Limassol Marathon on 1 march 2016
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Jumper's Knee is known as Patellar tendinitis. Let us have some brief anatomy teaching first. The four quadriceps muscles insert in to the patella and then form the Patellar tendon attachment on the top of the tibial bone.

By OPAP Limassol Marathon GSO on 1 march 2016
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Training for a marathon is not a difficult process and through my books and helping athletes over the years the key is to build over time and adhere to a strategy of gradual progression.

By OPAP Limassol Marathon GSO on 1 march 2016
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The main reason I am doing the marathon is to raise money for my scout group, the 53rd St Βarnabas scout group, which can be done by going to this link and every year for the past 3 years the scout leader has run the full marathon to raise money for the group in order to give our kids the best scouting experience possible.