OPAP Limassol Marathon GSO, Cyprus


After your online registration, you also have to present for waiver sign up and for your personal number (bib) pick up.Distribution takes place on Thursday the 15th March, on Friday the 16th March and will end on Saturday the 17th March at Cyprus Ports Authority parking, Molos, Limassol.
Please contact the D.M.C.-S.A.S.EVENT LTD office.

Office hours:
Thursday, 15th March: 09:00 – 18:00 hrs
Friday, 16th March: 09:00 – 18:00 hrs
Saturday, 17th March: 09:00 – 18:00 hrs
All athletes and walkers have to be at the start point, at Molos, at least 1 hour prior to the start time of the events.
If you are pupil or university student, you can benefit from our discounted rates!
Email us your student id mentioning the race you would like to run, and we will send you your unique discount code you will need for your registration!

Pupils up to 18 years old: Free
Students: 50% discount on registration
KOEAS: Free only on Marathon race
Coaches transporting Judges and Volunteers will leave from the start point and will drop them off at different points along the course.
All athletes will have the opportunity to warm up in the designated area behind the start point.
Athletes will have to place their clothing and personal belongings in plastic bags.
NOTE: Bags will have to show bib numbers and approx. half an hour prior to the start time,
athletes are to submit their bags marked by bib numbers containing their clothes to the special place located near the start/finish line. Retrieval of bags after the finish time will take place at a specific place near the finish line, indicated by adequate signing.
NOTE: The plastic bags must be sealed and must not contain travel documents, valuables, money or medicines.
The start of the race will be indicated by a gunshot.
Marathon Race: Minimum 18 years old
Half Marathon Race: Minimum 18 years old
10K Health Race: Minimum 15 years old
5km City Race: Minimum 12 years old
PrimeTel 5km Corporate Race: Minimum 12 years old
Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation 1Km Youth Race: 6-16 years old
Roads along the race course will be closed to vehicular traffic throughout the entire length of the race.
Signs of the distance of the Marathon Race will be placed at every 2.5 kilometer from the 5th to the 42nd.
Signs of the distance of the Half Marathon Race and Petrolina 10KM Energy Race will be placed at every 2.5.
There will be a vehicle with a large digital chronometer on top of it, in front of the lead runner. There will also be a double-sided digital chronometer at the finish line.
The time limit for finishing is 6 hours from the start time.
However, athletes can continue running over this time limit but will be running under their own responsibility. The police will reopen roads to the traffic after the arrival of the last athlete coming through within the time limit of 6 hours.
Medical support will be offered along the race course: At the start line, along the course, as well as at the finish, there will be first aid medical facilities available as follows:

At the start/finish point there will be a medical tent with doctors and physiotherapists, to provide medical assistance.
At the finish line there will be a mobile ambulance unit with CPR and First Aid.
There will be ambulances on standby in case they need to pick up athletes in serious need.

First Aid cars will support the ambulance on the course.
For additional protection, 1 Police motorbike will follow the athletes throughout the race in case of emergency. Also, cars of the Civil Defense department will be present.
Mineral water will be provided to all participants at the start and the finish area as well as approximately every 2.5 Km along the course and
between stations (Km 7.5 – 12.5 – 17.5 – 22.5 – 27.5 – 32.5 – 37.5), there will also be wet sponges for refreshing.

From 5 km onwards, the athletes can place personal refreshments and supplements at existing stops every 5 Km.
At the stops Km 5, Km 10, Km 15, Km 20, Km 25, Km 30, Km 35, Km 40 as well as at the finish line, isotonic drinks will be provided. Personal drinks will be placed on the very first tables of the afore-mentioned stations.

NOTE:Personal refreshments are to be submitted to the bib assigning office a day prior to the race (Saturday) in order to be transferred to relative spots along the race. Bibs as well as the exact stop (Km) of the refreshment must be clearly indicated on the bottles.
There will be toilets available at the starting area as well as near the course stations.