Going Green


The OPAP Limassol Marathon GSO and our Gold Sponsor Muskita Aluminium Industries are proud to announce the launch of the Going Green! Campaign. The Going Green! project aims to raise awareness and educate on how to run, organize and operate big running events in Cyprus!

In Muskita Aluminium Industries we have found the perfect partner to run this project. Muskita Aluminium Industries has a green profile going back in years. Aluminium -the organization's main product- is by definition one of the most eco-friendly metals on the planet. This is because it can be recycled endlessly while maintaining its distinctive properties. Furthermore, Aluminium is an effective tool for building eco-friendly buildings and structures!

Why are we Going Green?

What differentiates the OPAP Limassol Marathon GSO from other similar events in the world, is our distinctive coast-line, on which 15,000 people run every year! It is our duty to respect and protect the environment which makes Limassol and the OPAP Limassol Marathon GSO a top choice for people all over the world to visit and run!

Furthermore, as the event grows bigger every year we consider a turn towards a responsible, eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable model of development the only choice we have! We cannot consider ourselves a modern and international running event without trying to become Greener every year (despite the fact that our official colour is blue!).

2018 Actions:

- Use of electric cars in the race courses on race day.
- Setting up 15 recycling points at our 15 water-stations.
- Training our volunteers on issues of recycling and sustainability.
- Developing our own registration platform and using a paper-free registration process.
- Puting in-service buses for the race days to bring runners on the start line, avoiding car use.
- Setting up recycling points for clothes and footwear.
- Launching an awareness campaign for our runners to run an eco-friendly event.

Impact Report and Sustainability Guide:

Going Green is easy. Tracking down progress, setting new goals and catching up on them is the real challenge!

The OPAP Limassol Marathon GSO in collaboration with Muskita Aluminium Industries and the Cyprus University of Technology, have agreed on issuing an Impact Report for the 2018 event. The data from the 2018 Impact Report will set the green goals for 2019.

Our objective is via the data collected from the next three editions of the OPAP Limassol Marathon GSO, to be able to write a guide on how to organize and run eco-friendly running events in Cyprus. The report aims to give specific guidelines on the matter, always taking into consideration the local environmental and social factors.

Contributors to Going Green!:

We would like to thank the following contributors for their support:


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